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Its all about them Sleeves


Look at that top! Yes, yes and yes the big, puffy and bell sleeves are more than in right now.

Last post I gave a bit of a hint with the crop sweater and its wide sleeves. For this one, I decided on the top with the big puffy sleeves. I find this top very versatile, in the way that you can wear it with slacks or jeans (I would go with the wide legs or skinny ones). You can also wear it with some nice shorts or like me, with a pencil skirt.

For those of you who would like to wear the bell sleeves, just know that they go amazingly with jackets. The trick is to pull up the sleeves of the coat/jacket and showcase the bells of your top 😉.

When it comes to sleeves, remember: The bigger the better. And all you have to do is to keep everything else simple, let the sleeves do the work.

I hope you like this look and as always I will let you know where I got the blouse from.





Blouse – ZARA


Minimalist Valentine’s Look

Hello! If you are like me, I don’t like to wear too much red on Valentine’s Day because I feel everyone is going to wear it. Therefore, I prefer to wear hints of red and this year I decided for the darker version of it.

I chose a clean, minimalist and edgy look. Of course, I went with black because the combination of this cotton crop sweater with the pleaded silky/metallic skirt was just everything. I could have gone overboard with this look and add a statement necklace and fishnets. But sometimes we need to think if more is actually more and in this case, to me, it felt that less it was actually more.

The necklace and the earrings have red garment stones, the red I was looking for, which was perfect with my velvet pumps. Those accessories with my huge round shades added the right touch to this look. Don’t you think?

And as a thank you to my followers, I have a discount code so you can get the necklace and earrings. They both are from J. Garcia Designs Harman Collection and are made out of oxidized sterling silver. This 20% off code vianceyblog2017 is good until Feb 14th 2017. You’re welcome!😉

As always let me know what you think  and hope this post helps you with your Valentine’s look.







Thigh High Grey’s

Happy Tuesday!

As many of you know I got this grey coat last year, but I felt that I only had black clothes to wear with it. Since it, I have been searching for different clothing items, within the grey pallet, to add to my closet and finally I decided on the boots.

From all the styles that I saw and based on how I felt wearing the boots, I decided to splurge and go for the Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots. I love the heel, I personally find it thicker and more comfortable than most boots with the same style. If you will like to go with a chunkier heel or basically flat, this brand also gives you the option.

When it comes to grey boots, there are many shades to choose from. It’s a matter of preference. I was in between two shades of gray; the lighter grey felt more sophisticated, to me, and I didn’t want the boots to match my coat. The darker grey was also beautiful, and I saw myself wearing it with all my black clothes as a true New Yorker lol. Eventually, when I wore one color of each pair of boots, because I couldn’t decided, the lighter grey was the winner.

Without giving up my black, wearing my grey coat and new boots I added this cream driving gloves and OMG! I hope you like it as much as I do.



Update your Bags Look

Happy Monday! Hope you are having a great long weekend.

With the new year everyone likes to have a new look and with that in mind why wouldn’t you do the same to your bags. Instead of buying a new bag, little details like accessories can give it a totally different look.

An easy way to do it and one that I really like is the Guitar Strap. There are so many different color and styles, but any of them will do a great job of bringing your bag to life. Besides of the look, you are also going to be more comfortable because the strap is wider and it helps your shoulders not to get sore.

If you can remove the straps from your bags I totally suggest to get the Guitar Strap, your bag will look brand new and totally different.

Thank you so much for reading and hope you like it.







Guitar Strap – Rebecca Minkoff

Dress – BCBG


Happy New Year!

Wishing you all an amazing new year and that this one be better than the last.

I am very grateful for last year and I was more than ready for the new one to come. I wanted to receive it exactly how I felt, reason why I decided on the dress and accesories I wore. Besides that, it was my husband’s birthday on New Year’s Eve and he wanted to party so we pleased the birthday boy.

Usually we tend to color coordinate, but this time we did it unintentionally. Hope you like our look ☺️






Dress – Saylor

Choker – Pink Heart Attack

Shoes – Aldo


Art and Fashion

Hello my beauties,

I couldn’t let the year end without telling you about my experience during Art Basel and Art Miami.

This is something that everyone should attend at least once. The expositions are amazing and you can meet the artists. Also, there are extra activities and amazing parties, and if you want you can take your kids to the exhibitions.

It’s definetily a time when art meets fashion. We started with Art Miami, then went to Wynwood for the art walls and ended with Art Basel and trust me everyone was there. Sometimes at night it was very difficult to walk or drive due to the amount of people in the streets

Here are some of my pictures, hope you like them. As usual I will let you know where I got my outfits from 😉









Velvet top – Zara

Denim Dress – Calvin Klein



Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Hope you have a happy holidays  with your love ones.




Sparkle through the Holidays


As promised, here is my second blog about holiday’s outfit. And nothing says holiday better than an oufit with sequin.

Sequins are always in during the holidays, it is just a fact of what color to chose. I always have a thing for champagne, but burgundy and blue are  in my opinion THE COLORS for this year. So if you don’t have a sequin item I suggest you to get it in those colors and if it has some velvet texture in it even better 😆.

The predominant colors are black, gold, silver and champagne for sequin dresses, tops, skirts and pants. But most of the brand have done some pieces in blue and burgundy this year. I, personally, haven’t seen that many green Like last year that it was everywhere.

I decided to wear a champagne sequin pants with a leather jacket to give it an edgier look and with lace black pimps. I know! 😝

Hope you like it and that it inspires you to wear something similar for this holiday.




The entire Oufit is from BCBG.


Holiday Glam

I know, I know it’s been a couple of weeks without writing but I am back at it to help you with ideas for the holiday parties.

This post and the next will be about holiday outfits,  and for this one I chose a long lace dress. Lace is still very in and if you wil be attending a private, black tie event or new year’s party, this dress is perfect for you.

The details this dress has are amazing! With the make believe low cut and splits, plus see through areas, this dress is a winner in my eyes. 😍

When it came to the earings and shoes I decided to go for burgundy. And you know me already, I didn’t stop there, I made sure it was velvet. Can you imagine velvet burgundy earings and shoes? Yes, I know! 😆😆

As usual I will give details of where to get my outfit. And with all the sales going I know you will be able to get them with a good price 😉







Dress – BCBG

Shoes & Earrings – Aldo

Hope you like it!