Birthday Celebration

This past September 9th was my birthday, and all I wanted to do, besides dressing up for my birthday dinner, was to be in a Hot Air Balloon.

I am a true believer that you have to celebrate your born day, whether is a party or a huge dinner, something by yourself or with close friends you have to do something that will make you feel even more alive.

This life is borrowed and why not do things that can make you feel better and proud about yourself, like something from your bucket list. To me there is no better date to start doing this than your birthday because that day is when a new year of life starts for you.

I always love to dress up on my day because I’m celebrating me, I’m my most important guest and I want to feel good inside and out. Also my birthday almost all the time falls during or around fashion week so even better for me to go all out.

That morning because of the weather I wasn’t able to do the ride. But that didn’t stop me, so I change plans and I went to pamper myself at the spa, did a little shopping while I waited for my dear husband so we could go to a nice dinner for two. (Oufit details below)

Dinner was lovely and perfect. We spoke about life, where we at, where we want to be and we were reminiscing about our past. This helps me maintain a good perspective of life because I try to focus on the positive things that I have accomplished or I am trying to do.

Finally this past weekend I was able to do my ride looking at the sunrise. It was such a peaceful and meaningful morning that I am so glad I can cross that from my bucket list.

I hope this inspire you to do the same for your birthday and if it hast already past remember that you are still writing this new year in your life and you can still do it.

As usual here are my pictures about my dinner and ride. Hope you like ☺️








Top – BCBG

Skirt – BCBG

Clutch – BCBG

Necklace – BCBG

Shoes – Sophia Webster




Them Velvet Boots

Hello my beauties,

As a continuation of my last post I wanted to keep talking about the velvet boots. Specially because it could be a little intimidating to wear them.

Last time I got so many compliments for them and also was asked what else can I wear them with  And honestly. you can wear velvet boots or shoes with anything.

I decided to wear my velvet boots with my socks higher, put on my leather skirt and for the top I chose a denim shirt. I was trying to go for a monochromatic look but change my mind by adding another color bag.

As usual, below I wil tell you where  I got my outfit from and I hope you decide to try it yourself. Inknow it might feel easier to go for a black pair of velvet boots, and even for grays but I dare you to have fun with it and go for the burgundy (a color that is very in this season) or like me wih the blue.





Top – Express

Skirt – Zara

Necklace – Express

Boots – Rebecca Minkoff



New York Fashion Week

Who into fashion doesn’t like this time? The shows, the models, the parties and everything that happens around it.

From what inspired the designer to do their new collection, to whom attended what shows and which model was seen the most; everything is talked about.

I got the opportunity to attend KYBOE show and  decided to wear two trends from this fall: Western and Velvet.

I decided to play with them and have fun and there was no better stage than Fashion Week to do so. And I completely loved it!

From the western trend I used a very modern jumpsuit/dress accesories with minimal but necessary jewelry and my velvet boots. And of course they had to be blue 💙

So now you know, get your cowboy boots, your fringe skirt and velvet jackets out and have some fun this Fall. As per usual, details of my oufit will be below and let me know what you thoughts are about it.






Jumpsuit – BCBG

Watch – Kyboe

Boots – Rebecca Minkoff


Transitioning with Metals

All good things must come to an end. We’re packing our bathing suits in the bottom drawers and simplifying what pieces we can bring into fall while awaiting all the new trends to hit the stores. One trend in particular that I got a head start on is metals. The metallic trend derives from the late 70s to early 80s when Studio 54 was the hot spot to be seen in and fashion took a risqué turn full of metals, sequins and sparkle.

This metallic trend is really more of a very classic look, it’s so reinvented and nipped and tucked for this year, that the pieces are more accessible to give us room to play with them in a more versatile manner and wear them during the day, because once upon a time it was more of an evening look only.

My day look was very casual but at the same time made me feel fab. I mixed it with a basic top, that’s easy for layering and comfortable enough that I can run errands all day and still make it to date night without having to change outfits. Only problem is I love dressing up, so of course I updated my evening look with the next outfit I’ll touch base on. The day look nailed the Rock and roll edge with the 80’s kitsch when wearing my classic all- stars. It made for good balance because not only did I feel like a glamorous rock and roll princess, it also fell into the athleisure/glam trend that’s hot right now.

Now let’s talk about the evening. For a more tailored look using the trend, the best way to go about it is to not look so charged up when combining metals. Think less is more. Metals are done well when paired with neutrals. Black, Navy, Olive for hues of gold, copper and bronze. White, Creme, Grey for hues of silver, rose, and pearl metals. You can choose a pair of trousers, a maxi skirt, a slip dress or in my choice some disco shorts. When complimenting your outfit with minimalism, all eyes will be on your key piece. It works well for dinner, a night out with your closest girlfriends or dancing the night away.

When wearing metal Accessories more is more. Think in reverse. You can dress minimal from head to toe and layer Metallics anywhere you can. You can decorate your wrists with a medley of bangles or layer different links of necklaces to make your outfit that much more interesting. Always remember to have fun and don’t abide by fashion rules because the chicest way to exude being a fashionista is playing by your rules and developing your own personal style.

For outfit details read below.






Skirt – Zara

Shorts – BCBG   ( similar option)