Giving Thanks!

Every day I give thanks for everything I have and all the blessings I am receiving. But I am specially thankful for my little shining star Aria, my cat eyes.

With only 3 years, she has lifted our spirits and given us all (my mom , brother and I) the strenght, love and happiness during such sad and really hard time to keep moving forward after losing my father last year.

I’m forever grateful for having her, my true blessing, my silly girl ☺️

I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your love ones and tell them how much you appreciate them everyday because tomorrow is never promised.





Fall Layers

What I love about layering is that I can keep wearing my favorite clothes from spring and summer during fall and it also helps me save money.

I know it can be challenging at times but, fall layers has something to it that makes you love it while giving you a casual and chic look.

Another benefit of layering is, you can wear again and again in different ways those clothes that you bought and thought you won’t be able to wear anytime soon because people already saw you on social media with it.

Let’s face it, I sometimes, am guilty of buying a statement piece and then saying I can wear it again because I already have pictures with it. This mentality makes you spend more money, but don’t worry (breath) that’s where knowing how to layer comes in and saves you.

The trick of layering is not to use very thick pieces. You can wear a blouse, t-shirt or a thin turtle neck underneath a crop top or a dress. If you want to keep adding, also wear an oversized jacket or blazer. While it will help you stay warm, it is also helping you to reuse your clothes while being stylish.

Also, use your significant other jackets, sweaters or shirt. Those are great items for layering. And as you will see on my pictures the denim jacket I used belongs to my husband.

Here are two different looks, casual and dress up, so it can give you different ideas of how to play with your clothes 😉