Sparkle through the Holidays


As promised, here is my second blog about holiday’s outfit. And nothing says holiday better than an oufit with sequin.

Sequins are always in during the holidays, it is just a fact of what color to chose. I always have a thing for champagne, but burgundy and blue are  in my opinion THE COLORS for this year. So if you don’t have a sequin item I suggest you to get it in those colors and if it has some velvet texture in it even better 😆.

The predominant colors are black, gold, silver and champagne for sequin dresses, tops, skirts and pants. But most of the brand have done some pieces in blue and burgundy this year. I, personally, haven’t seen that many green Like last year that it was everywhere.

I decided to wear a champagne sequin pants with a leather jacket to give it an edgier look and with lace black pimps. I know! 😝

Hope you like it and that it inspires you to wear something similar for this holiday.




The entire Oufit is from BCBG.



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