Minimalist Valentine’s Look

Hello! If you are like me, I don’t like to wear too much red on Valentine’s Day because I feel everyone is going to wear it. Therefore, I prefer to wear hints of red and this year I decided for the darker version of it.

I chose a clean, minimalist and edgy look. Of course, I went with black because the combination of this cotton crop sweater with the pleaded silky/metallic skirt was just everything. I could have gone overboard with this look and add a statement necklace and fishnets. But sometimes we need to think if more is actually more and in this case, to me, it felt that less it was actually more.

The necklace and the earrings have red garment stones, the red I was looking for, which was perfect with my velvet pumps. Those accessories with my huge round shades added the right touch to this look. Don’t you think?

And as a thank you to my followers, I have a discount code so you can get the necklace and earrings. They both are from J. Garcia Designs Harman Collection and are made out of oxidized sterling silver. This 20% off code vianceyblog2017 is good until Feb 14th 2017. You’re welcome!😉

As always let me know what you think  and hope this post helps you with your Valentine’s look.








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